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At Village Kids we have three goals:

  1. Help children learn the Bible
  2. Help children develop a relationship with Christ
  3. Equip children to share that relationship with the world

We invite you to join us at any any of our Village Kids events on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, or Wednesday eveninig so your kids can learn how to move from hearers of God's word to becoming active participants in God's work.

9:30 - 10:30

Sunday Morning

5:30 - 7:00

Sunday Evening

6:00 - 7:30

Wednesday Evening

VP-Kids : Sunday Morning @ 9:30am

The Mission of VP-Kids is to help children establish a firm foundation in the Word of God and develop an expectation to follow Him in service and in love. 

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14

VP-Kids utilizes Lifeway's "The Gospel Project for Kids," a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study curriculum.

Through multi-media presentation, songs, activities, puppet shows and other methods, our team of Children's Ministry leaders walks children, from Kindergarten through 5th grade, all the way through the Bible over three years.

This comprehensive approach provides the benefit of repetitive learning at different stages in a child's development as they are building the foundation for thier faith.

Using a three-year, complete Bible curriculum, children learn much more about the Bible than in annual curriculum plans. Additionally, through The Gospel Project, children learn that the entire Bible, not just parts of it, point us toward salvation in Jesus Christ.

Leaders In Training : Sunday @ 5:30pm

Leaders in Training

According to a recent Lifeway survey 93% of believers have never shared the gospel with another person. The two leading reasons people don't share the gospel are because they are afraid to, and because they don't know HOW.

It's important that our Village children know HOW to share the gospel, which is why we are launching a brand new program called Leaders in Training (L.I.T.). 


There will be a MISSION TRIP for L.I.T. students who have completed third grade or higher.

July 25-30, 2022

Cost: $260 per L.I.T. participant.

More Information Coming Soon!

Minsitry Training for Kids!

Through L.I.T. our Village children will learn HOW to have regular quiet time with the Lord, HOW to hold and lead Bible studies and Prayer Meetings, and HOW to serve in their church and their community. But most importantly they will learn HOW to share the gospel with others.

Through discipleship training, scripture memorization, and practice (including role-play) the children in L.I.T. will learn how to do the very thing that every believer is called to do: preach the gospel to all creation, and make disciples of all nations. 

L.I.T. meets on Sunday evenings from 5:30 to 7:00. We hope your family will join us.

Royal Ambassadors & Girls in Action : Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Through Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action children in grades Kinder through 5th grade learn about and participate in  Missions locally and throughout the world.

Each Wednesday night, RA's and GA's generally enjoy a snack together while participating in a Bible study with their RA/GA Leaders. They also learn about international missions utilizing resources from WMU so they learn what real life missionaries are doing in the field.

But the mission doesn't stop there! 

Because our faith is made complete in our actions, RA's and GA's at Village have the opportunity to directly participate in Missions locally through Mission of Hope, Mission of Joy, The Children's Hunger Fund, and on-campus service opportunities. 

Paired with activities, crafts, games and more, children grow in fellowship with one another, and in their relationship with Christ. 

Royal Ambassadors 

Royal Ambassadors or RA’s are boys in Kindergarten through 6th grade who meet together to learn about missions and how to live a Godly life.


"As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best:

  • to become a well informed, responsible follower of Christ;
  • to have a Christ-like concern for all people;
  • to learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world;
  • to work with others in sharing Christ; and
  • to keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body."

Games, Bible studies, and learning how to live out the RA Pledge are all incorporated into the RA Meeting time.

Girls in Action

Girls in Action or GA’s is open to all girls Kindergarten through 5th grade. Girls will learn how to apply mission work in their everyday lives.

“As a GA, I will do my best to

live a missions lifestyle that honors God by learning about missions,

praying for missions, giving to missions, doing missions,

and participating in the work of the church.”

Summer Camp at Alto Frio

Both RA's and GA's are invited to attend Summer Camp at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment in Leakey, TX each summer, usually the last full week of June. For 2023 the camp will be June 19-23.

The cost for this 5-day 4-night camp is often less than half the cost of other camps and offers children an opportunity to participate in fun outdoor activities while developing a closer relationship with Jesus.

Some camp activities include:

  • Swimming                    • Kayaking                • Archery                         • Riflery
  • Leatherwork             • Axe Throwing       • Fun & Games            • and much more!

If you have any questions about our Children's Ministry, or other church activities, please do not hesitate to call us at (210) 680-7813 or fill out the form below and our Children's Ministry Director will contact you directly.

We'd love to have you and your family grow and worship with us.

If you have questions, or would like more information about our children's ministry, please leave your name and contact information.
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